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When Should You See A Physical Therapist?

Many people wonder if they are a candidate for physical therapy or if physical therapy can help their ailment. For physical therapists, however, this is an easy question to answer: Most people can benefit from physical therapy, whether their condition varies from a simple ankle sprain to a complex neurological disorder. You may benefit from physical therapy even if you are not injured. Physical therapists, as movement experts, can help you prevent injury or illness.

Here are some common reasons why you made need a Physical Therapist:

  • Improve Mobility, Balance And Strength.
    Physical therapists are movement advocates. Part of our job is to teach you about cause and effect in the human body. Knee pain could be the result of needing to strengthen your hips, while carpal tunnel and neck pain could be the result of typing and texting too much.
  • Avoid Surgery.
    While surgery is sometimes unavoidable, pre-surgical Physical Therapy can help ease recovery time and may provide a better outcome post-surgery.
  • Prevent Injury.
    There’s a good chance you’ve never seen a physical therapist unless you were injured, but it’s a good idea to treat PT as a form of preventative care. Maybe you want to have a competitive sports advantage or work on your posture.
  • Manage Aging.
    As we age we are at risk to lose muscle mass and strength, making it harder to balance our own body weight. PT can help address joint pain, arthritic pain and osteoarthritis issues.
  • Help Control A Disease Or Condition.
    Physical therapy extends well beyond rehabilitation centers. Some physical therapists are trained to help people with conditions involving their heart, lung or weight — or specialize in treating pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.

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