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"I started at Conejo Valley Physical Therapy in 2010 and my legs were huge from Lymphedema, both of them. From the very beginning Jennifer showed me how to really take care of my legs and I followed the program she set for me. She told me that if I followed the program I would see results, she made no promises of how much, just that I would continue to see progress. Well it’s 2019 and I am at a third of my weight, my legs have continued to improve and they are so small. Everyone else that I saw just wanted me to maintain and not get bigger. I have followed the path she taught me to follow and I have 4 sizes left to get down!!!! Thanks to CVPT I not only see the light at the end of the tunnel I’ve got my legs in the sunshine!"

- Connie, Camarillo

"I am so grateful to Jennifer Vonarb and her terrific staff at CVPT! I have benefitted more in the last three months of PT with Jennifer than I thought would ever be possible. In the last 6 1/2 years I have been attending physical therapy almost continuously in various PT practices of Ventura County. I would end up either getting injured more or just not be able to progress. Jennifer's assessment skills stunned me-- she was able to pick up in five minutes what has been missed for years by multiple therapists and physicians...one of the main reasons for my chronic back and neck pain. CVPT has given me back the hope that I had lost; hope that I will be able to get back some muscle tone to help my body get stronger and in turn add to my quality of life. Thanks Jennifer!"

- Sandra, Camarillo

"Following rotator cuff surgery, a neighbor recommended that I go to Conejo Valley Physical Therapy for PT to regain use of my arm. I was treated by Jennifer and Tess. Both have excellent academic credentials and extensive experience in PT. Jennifer owns the practice and has more than 30 years experience in PT. The post operative treatment I received for my rotator cuff injury restored the use of my left arm. I completed eight treatments for one month. I was provided with written instructions for continued home excercises to restore the strength in my arm. Following my shoulder therapy, I also asked Jennifer to evaluate and treat a back problem I have had for many years. Jennifer treated my back problem during three visits, provided written instructions for home exercise and fitted me for orthotics for my shoes. The orthotics will help align my legs and relieve soreness in my back. The exercises Jeniffer prescribed have improved mobility in my spin and reduced my back soreness. The entire staff at CVPT are outstanding. They are very nice people and very considerate of their patients. Most importantly, they are pros who really understand what their doing and eager to help their patients achieve the best possible results. I have recommended CVPT to family and friends, and will use them exclusively for my own PT needs."

- Rick, Lake Sherwood, Ca.

"Anyone who has had breast surgery should come here, and as soon as possible! After surgery, I was unable to lift my arm above my shoulder. Jennifer and her team helped me recover my full range of motion and avoid painful lymphedema. Not only that but their positive attitude kept me feeling positive throughout the healing process. I feel like a whole new person. Thank you Conejo Valley Physical Therapy!"

- Tracy, Thousand Oaks

"I had debilitating lower back problems due to an old sports injury. Jennifer Vonarb's treatment not only got me back on my feet, but she trained me in exercises and gave me advice to help me stay on my feet. I've recommended her to friends and family several times over, and will continue to do so."

- Mike, Thousand Oaks

"I am pleased to recommend Conejo Valley Physical Therapy. For over two years I had chronic swelling and pain in my foot and ankle. No tangible relief was offered to me even after consulting with four different doctors. In July 2011, I was depressed, frustrated and anxious about my condition. I couldn't wear a proper shoe and was buying two pair of the same shoe. I wore my regular shoe size on the left foot and a larger size on the right foot. I checked the internet and decided to contact Conejo Valley Physical Therapy. Jennifer Vonarb provided a technique, along with education, which manually drained the fluid from my leg, ankle and foot. This was in the space of two weeks! I am now free of the nagging pain and also wearing my regular size shoes. The entire staff at CVPT are trained and equipped to support Jennifer and her goal to make you well."

- Barbara, Agoura Hills

"I have suffered with swelling of my legs, ankles and feet for quite some time and until recently no one was able to tell me what was wrong or how to treat this condition. Because of the sever swelling, my legs felt like they weighed about 50 pounds each and walking and standing for any length of time was very difficult and painful. Finally a physician told me I had a condition called Lymphedema. I began doing research and discovered I should be looking for a therapist who specializes in Lymphedema therapy and I discovered Conejo Valley Physical Therapy and Jennifer Vonarb, just the person I needed. I called and made an appointment and 2 and a half weeks later after going through the required massage and wrapping of my right leg, I am very happy to say, for the first time in years my leg, ankle and foot feels and looks normal. I can actually wear shoes I haven’t been able to wear for quite some time. I will be seeing Jennifer again for treatment of my left leg. I am so grateful to have found Jennifer and her wonderful staff, Megan and Sara. Thanks for making a big difference in my life."

- Ronna , Westlake Village

"Over the past 10 years, I have had two lower back surgeries, experienced continuous pain and seen several physical therapists. Most recently I was referred to Jennifer Vonarb at CVPT. After a couple of months of treatment, I am now pain free, which has not been the case for several years. Jennifer and her staff do an excellent job of zeroing in on solving the problem and do so in a very positive and friendly environment."

- Dan, Camarillo

"I have had various physical therapy treatments through the years and can honestly say, I wasn't helped. Last year I was diagnosed with Lymphedema and after 4 treatments I broke out with cellulitis and nearly died. After recovery my left arm was still swollen, so my radiologist referred me to Jennifer Vonarb and Conejo Valley Physical Therapy. All I have to say is, she is the number 1 physical/lymphedema therapist in the Conejo Valley. She has helped me tremendously. I have no pain or swelling and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone who needs physical therapy, especially lymphedema."

- Moira, Newbury Park

"CVPT is an excellent place to go to recover from any injury. Jennifer is very understanding of each person's individual needs. She is caring, sensitive, and professional. Her office staff is very helpful and the facility is very comfortable and welcoming. My two daughters have had foot surgery and both are receiving physical therapy. Both of them are very very happy there and are making excellent progress."

- Randa, Thousand Oaks

"Jennifer is absolutely the finest in her field! After consulting with 3 orthopedic surgeons for crippling knee pain, my knee specialist at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic recommended physical therapy with Jennifer Vonarb. Jennifer personally fit me with custom orthotics. After 2 months of therapy, I am now able to do squats, lunges, and even run on the treadmill without any pain whatsoever!! Needless to say this was not within my imagined realm of possibility.I've had previous experiences with different physical therapists. Jennifer's depth of knowledge, and equally important, her years of experience working with top orthopedic doctors, puts her head and shoulders above all others. Moreover, she is totally dedicated to seeing that her patients successfully attain their goals."

- Ted, Westlake Village

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